First vacation at my place

I was pretty excited that day,dancing all around my room as I was going to my parents place to stay with them for the first time post my wedding. I,that time realized ,years down the line,how my mom use to feel when she was setting up her bags to go at my nani’s place.

I woke up early that morning, hushing to wind up all the work, as if the time was running away,now if I think of that moment, I laugh at myself.My husband says that that day your excitement was like small child who gets happy n dances with thought of going to garden.My mother in law says the glow of happiness was all over on your face that day…..she says 27 years ago, she was same as me, dancing in joy when she knew she was going at her parents place.

I was just waiting for the clock to strike half past eleven so that i can depart for my home.I know now my in-laws place is my home but I still call my parents place as my home, I guess it’s really difficult to inculcate the truth that you are married now and address of your place is now changed from parents place to in-laws place and am sure it will take time to get through within me.I had the whole list of foodstuff ready, that I wanted to have during my stay made by mom.

Similar excitement was there at my place too.My mom texted me saying “ Come soon beta,we are waiting for you….Your favorite lunch is ready. Papa has got your favorite ice cream and your sis has cleaned your side of the bed.”

I packed all my bags and as clock striked quarter to eleven… I couldn’t resist so I took my bags and left for my home,waiting to meet my parents…waiting to hug my bed …my teddy and my pooh…waiting to dance all over my room as i always use to do in childhood.

The feelings were just awesome, I have no words for it.The feeling to be a kid again of your parents has that  joy that can’t be compared.Today, while writing this blog am at my parent’s,cherishing all my days of the stay.


4 thoughts on “First vacation at my place

  1. Janki very well versed and really it’s good to let ur heart out 👍🏻 best way to express ur feelings 🙂 Way to go keep up good job


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