First vacation at my place

I was pretty excited that day,dancing all around my room as I was going to my parents place to stay with them for the first time post my wedding. I,that time realized ,years down the line,how my mom use to feel when she was setting up her bags to go at my nani’s place.

I woke up early that morning, hushing to wind up all the work, as if the time was running away,now if I think of that moment, I laugh at myself.My husband says that that day your excitement was like small child who gets happy n dances with thought of going to garden.My mother in law says the glow of happiness was all over on your face that day…..she says 27 years ago, she was same as me, dancing in joy when she knew she was going at her parents place.

I was just waiting for the clock to strike half past eleven so that i can depart for my home.I know now my in-laws place is my home but I still call my parents place as my home, I guess it’s really difficult to inculcate the truth that you are married now and address of your place is now changed from parents place to in-laws place and am sure it will take time to get through within me.I had the whole list of foodstuff ready, that I wanted to have during my stay made by mom.

Similar excitement was there at my place too.My mom texted me saying “ Come soon beta,we are waiting for you….Your favorite lunch is ready. Papa has got your favorite ice cream and your sis has cleaned your side of the bed.”

I packed all my bags and as clock striked quarter to eleven… I couldn’t resist so I took my bags and left for my home,waiting to meet my parents…waiting to hug my bed …my teddy and my pooh…waiting to dance all over my room as i always use to do in childhood.

The feelings were just awesome, I have no words for it.The feeling to be a kid again of your parents has that  joy that can’t be compared.Today, while writing this blog am at my parent’s,cherishing all my days of the stay.


This one question that kept hovering on my Wedding Day!!


Yes! I love him, I love him to the moon and back and that’s the reason I decided to get married and spend the rest of my life with him. After lots of hustle for the upcoming wedding preps and shopping sprees for the ‘ D ‘ day, the most awaited time was here finally for both our families. The wedding week was here and unlike every other Indian wedding, the grand wedding celebrations had started. I knew my life was going to change, something new was about to step up in my life, anxieties were curling up around me. With the celebrations going on, I was like the happiest person in the world but somewhere inside deep within my heart I was sad, thinking about the moment to leave the place where I have grown up, the moment to leave my parents and shift to a new home…. I never knew it’s going to be so difficult for me. From the day my wedding was fixed I knew my in-laws place is just 5 min away from my place, so it won’t be difficult as I am not going away. But I failed to understand that it is equally difficult irrespective of the distance until my wedding day.

Wedding day was here, I was all dressed up waiting eagerly for my groom and there he came with the whole band baja baraat like a prince as I always wanted my prince charming to arrive but don’t know why that day I just didn’t have the courage to take a step out of bride’s room. All my bridesmaid were waiting to accompany me to the gate as it was time for the first ritual of my wedding called “Varmala” and my groom was waiting to see his bride and all set to exchange varmala with me, with that thought, I gathered all my courage and took a step forward towards my groom to step into my new life.  Thinking all along the way that this is going to be the most memorable day of my life….today my relationship of 7 years has passed all its hurdles and we both are now going to be together for the rest of our lives and with this thought I decided that today I am not going to shed a single tear. Eager to see my groom, walking towards the gate, I glanced up at all the guests gathered to welcome the bride with smiles on their faces but then amongst this  huge crowd somewhere in the corner I noticed four eyes slowly shedding tears with smiles on their faces…they were happy to see their little daughter in bridal attire, but the thought of her leaving them had engraved deep within and that moment I almost broke down and froze. I wanted the time to stop. I had to take a step forward but tears rolled my cheek. Why is it that girls have to leave their parents home and go?? And even after all the wedding rituals got completed and this question was haunting me, unable to find an answer.

My parents were happy to see their daughter married now, though somewhere I knew they were sadness deep within. My brother was happy thinking he got a new gaming partner but I knew he had a question.. “why are you taking her away? Who is  going to accompany me for late night dessert cravings now?”

My younger sister always used to tell me, get married soon so that I get my personal room. But that day, I knew the only thing she had in her mind was,  “Who am I gonna hug and sleep in case of scary dreams? With whom will I fight on silly things?”

The day passed, and today, I am celebrating one month anniversary! Everyday I miss my mom and dad and have the same question, “Why do girls have to leave their parents and go…why do they have to leave their homes??” The question still goes unanswered and only answer I may get is, “This is  the trend of society!” I fail to understand this answer and may be this question is always going to be unanswered for all the girls out there.